Minecraft Epic Reality

Enjoyed ‘Minecraft the Movie: The Story of Mojang‘ last night. Here’s the trailer….

There’s some quite unexpectedly spine-tingling moments involving the sheer epic scale of the creative aspects of the game. The accelerated footage of the collaborative building undertaken by the members of the Fyre-UK Mega Build server is particularly amazing. An example can be seen in this video – a time lapse of the building of ‘The Vaederian Palace’.

This is on such a different scale to what my class have been doing recently but follows the same principles of collaboration and creativity. What’s particularly interesting is the real-time collaboration occurring between so many individuals in different locations. This possibility is something I’d like to extend to my class, hopefully working with other schools – if we can work out how to allow external access to our local server by poking the right holes in the school firewall.

There’s a segment with interviews with Joel Levin (‘The Minecraft Teacher‘ who has developed Minecraft Edu) and pupils from a school in New York. Here, the emphasis seems to be on using the game for motivation and engagement purposes, whilst using creative mode to allow children to experience situations they wouldn’t otherwise find themselves in in real life.

At various points in the film, there is footage of real-life locations that mirror in-game landscapes (or is it the other way ’round?) These were clearly on my mind on my run this morning, where I stopped to take these quick photos of the countryside in the Loxley Valley. I could almost imagine a Creeper making its way towards me over the horizon.



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