Abstract / Thesis Thanks

My PhD thesis is a ‘hybrid text’ consisting of written text, comics and other graphic content as a means of exploring theory and representing the ‘lived experience’ a group of children engaged in on and off-screen play during a Minecraft Club.

The full thesis is available to download here: http://shura.shu.ac.uk/15872/

Life has been particularly busy recently and, as a result, I have neglected this blog. However, it is with not inconsiderable excitement that I am now able to report that my thesis defence took place earlier this week. I was rather overwhelmed to be awarded my PhD with no corrections. Phew!

Enormous thanks must go to my examiners Anne Kellock of Sheffield Hallam University and Jackie Marsh of Sheffield University who spent so much time preparing for my defence. Also thank you to Tim Jay for being an excellent chairperson (the value of seeing a smiling, friendly face at times of challenge should never be underestimated!).

Of course, my amazing supervisors Cathy Burnett and Guy Merchant have been absolutely key in supporting me over the past few years, and any words of thanks will feel entirely insufficient in comparison to the time they have invested in my work. At Cathy’s recent (brilliant) inaugural lecture at Sheffield Hallam University she very generously took time to recognise those who have had an impact on her work, and I am similarly appreciative of the multiple conversations and connections that (directly and indirectly) helped to form the ideas that ended up on the pages of the submitted thesis.
I must also extend grateful thanks to Ian Guest and Karen Daniels at Sheffield Hallam for their help in preparing for the viva. Both Ian and Karen spent time reading through the thesis post-submission in order to conduct a mock viva (and, in the case of Ian, a mock-mock viva), ensuring that I was appropriately clued-up for the real thing. I look forward to returning the favour over the coming months as they near the end of their doctoral journeys.

I hope to have some time to share other strands of the work on the blog in the near future. For now, above you can see the comic version of the thesis abstract…

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