Positive Negatives (part 2)

‘The act of creation saves us from despair – a phrase that keeps repeating in my head’ – Sullen Welsh Heart, Manic Street Preachers

IMG_3500 2

The Covid-19 imposed lockdown has meant that I cannot go out taking photographs as I usually would. However, it has given me a little more time for home developing. It is rare for me not to develop a film immediately, but sometimes life gets in the way and my need for timely completion of a project has to be put momentarily to one side.

One of the many things I like about film photography, as opposed to its digital equivalent, is that the act of creation is prolonged long beyond the moment of capture, particularly if you develop your own films. The processes involved in home development are, in themselves, something I find comforting and the relief when a string of negatives emerge complete from the tank is worth every second of carefully timed manipulation and attention.

I have not had much time recently to play with darkroom enlarging, so these are just home scanned negatives – but even this process is not without its surprises, and I quite enjoy seeing the dust and individual strands of hair that get tangled up in the process, adding character.

Here are a few recent photos. Ironically, I guess, even when I am free to roam, most of my photographs tend to depict isolation of one kind or other…


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