‘Music is Medicine’

Music is Medicine’
Johnny Jewel, Chromatics

‘Music has always submitted its forms and motifs to temporal transformations, augmentations or diminution, slowdowns or accelerations, which do not occur solely according to laws of organization or even of development’ 
Deleuze and Guattari (A Thousand Plateaus, 1987, p. 270)


I was recently invited to contribute to the Elektronisches Lernen Muzik project by James Lamb. The project explores the connection between learning and music. I produced a mixed playlist and my own liner notes.

‘Music has been a major source of comfort during this time, not to lighten my mood but to match it, to allow me to dwell in a productive, creative space that acknowledges, rather than escapes, some of the darkness of the current time.’

You can find the full text and the playlist here:


And I’ve also got the playlist on Apple Music, although you miss out on my ‘skilled’ mixing if you don’t listen to the Mixcloud version 😉



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